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Introduction to Pilates: A Taste of Embodied, Holistic Movement

Curious about Pilates? If you're looking for a full-body refresh to feel grounded and relaxed, then Pilates may be right for you. Pilates exercises combine strength and stability with focus and control. In this introductory class, you'll get a taste of how to work deeply to challenge your body and calm your mind.

WHEN: Saturday, Feb 4 @ 10:00 (75 minutes)
WHERE: The Maitri Center, 120 N Main St, Oregon, WI 53575
EARLY BIRD PRICING: $15 ($20 after Jan 15)

Everyone welcome.
Please contact Julia if you have any questions.

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In this class, you’ll learn exercises that build strength and stability with a basic Pilates mat routine. We’ll focus on the particular challenges of hypermobile bodies so that movement feels safe and fun.

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