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Logo for Pains in your Neck workshop

Pains in your Neck: How to relieve the pain of deskwork

Working at a computer is painful. Your neck and shoulders hurt in a way that’s particularly difficult to relieve--oddly specific and generalized at the same time. You can barely turn your head; sleeping is a mess. Your acupuncturist can barely get her needles into your traps.

So what can you do about it?

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

--One simple exercise to give immediate relief

--On-going exercises to build strength and reduce the pain in the future

--A basic ergonomic checklist to improve your office setup and reduce pain

Saturday, May 21 @ 9:00am CST
$15 or free with monthly subscription

Logo for Working out with Hypermobile Bodies workshop

Working out for Hypermobile Bodies: How to get strong and reduce injuries

Bendy, loose bodies have particular challenges when it you start to workout. Learn about common challenges and how to address them in any workout routine.

Saturday, July 9th @ 9:00am CST
$15 or free with monthly subscription

Logo for Fun with an Exercise Ball workshop

Pilates Toys: Fun with the Exercise Ball

It's been a long time since we played with a ball!

One of my most fun (and challenging) classes was with an exercise ball. Join me for an hour bouncing, balance, and challenge.

Required prop: Exercise ball

Saturday, August 6 @ 9:00am CST
$15 or free with monthly subscription

Want to know when the next series is?

In this class, you’ll learn exercises that build strength and stability with a basic Pilates mat routine. We’ll focus on the particular challenges of hypermobile bodies so that movement feels safe and fun.