About Julia

Yoga was my first love and so I wanted to do everything right. I tied myself with belts and lay on hard, wood blocks. I hung from the walls and twisted over chairs. I chased the dream of the perfect backbend.

This led where you might expect it–injuries and pain.

And as I healed, I learned a lot.

Bendy bodies (and older bodies) don’t need more flexibility.

They need strength. Stability. Proprioception.

I discovered Pilates. I integrated my mindfulness practices into my physical practices. My yoga practice became kinder, more holistic. Healthy movement became more important than fancy backbends.

Now I cultivate fluid, stable movement and a calm mind.

I bring this practice to my classes. Into yoga, I mix Pilates, mindfulness practices, and sometimes unexpected surprises.

Physically you grow strong. Emotionally you become more grounded.

And you have fun. Bodies are interesting. Let’s enjoy them.