How to be Fit, Strong, and Active with an Older Body

Let me guess…

You love hiking, biking, kayaking, x-country skiing…

Maybe you have a marathon under your belt? The Birkie?

You are active and fit. And then suddenly, your body fails you.



Joint replacements?!

How can this happen when you’ve followed all the rules that are supposed to make you healthy?

When you’re active, it seems like you have the Golden Ticket for good health. But then the years go by and your body becomes something you have to, well, manage.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can still enjoy your active life.

The challenges of staying active in an older body

With an older body, the favorite activities become an elaborate calculus:

  • How much can I do before I end up in pain?
  • How much discomfort is too much? Should I rest? Work out? Take pain relievers?
  • How do I manage my activities when I can’t find a pattern and I never know what is next?
  • How do I know if discomfort comes from an injury or from normal aging?
  • How do I know when to stop when the pain doesn’t come until 2 days later?

You don’t want to just sit in a chair but you don’t want to spend these years in pain either! (And frankly, sitting in a chair would never be an option for you!)

Don’t worry. You just need the right tools.

Staying fit, strong, and active with an older body

Aging has three aspects:

  1. Sensible, healthy responses to an older body’s needs.
  2. Creative solutions to stay fit and still enjoy the activities you love.
  3. Accepting that you have an older body and that fitness may look a little different than it did.

Knowing the sweet spot between these three ideas is the key… your key.

The equipment we use is gentle on your joints and target the stabilizing muscles that can grow weak as you age. They keep your body aligned so you have healthy, balanced movement (perfect for recovering from injuries). And we use focus and awareness so that you get to know your body in a new way.

Working with precision, focus, and control helps you find your own balance, the balance that lets you do the activities you love.

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