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  • Two new classes each week (See below for descriptions)
  • Lots of variations for people of all levels and abilities
  • Free access to all live workshops. See here for upcoming schedule. (Don't sign up on this page.  These are free with a monthly membership!)
  • Recordings of classes available for at least 3 months
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Weekly Classes

Logo for Happy, Healthy Movement Classes

Happy, Healthy Movement

Strong, stable movement for bendy, tweaky, achy bodies.

When your body is tweaky, it requires finesse to work out. You want to grow strong but not push so much that you end up in pain. In this series, we’ll use Pilates, yoga, and mindfulness to learn what your body needs to be strong, mobile, and graceful.

  • Available Tuesdays. 40 - 55 minutes long. Some mini classes available. Pre-recorded.
  • Recordings available for 3 months.
  • Available with monthly subscription only.
Logo for Mindful Movement Classes

Mindful Movement

Deepening your Practice

 Each month, you’ll explore a new topic to deepen and challenge your practice. From anatomy to Pilates flow, you’ll build week by week to gain new insights about your body and your relationship to it.

  • July: Healthy Pelvic Floor. Explore how the pelvic floor sets a foundation for healthy movement.
  • AugustHealthy Movement for Yogis and other Bendy People. For those of you who love yoga, this series combines mindful movement with loving-kindness to your bendy body.
  • SeptemberThe Joy of Movement. Let's have fun moving.
  • Available Tuesdays. 40 - 55 minutes long. Pre-recorded.
  • Recordings available for 3 months.
  • Available with monthly subscription only.


Your monthly membership subscription includes access to live workshops. The topics vary. All workshops are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience.

Click here for the upcoming workshop schedule.

Sample topics:

  • Pains in your Neck: How to relieve the pain of deskwork
  • Working out for Hypermobile Bodies: How to get strong and reduce injuries
  • Pilates Toys: Fun with the Exercise Ball
  • Embodied Movement and Journaling
  • Get to Know your Shoulder Girdle
  • Healthy Fascia: How strong, mobile fascia reduces pain and keeps you feeling young