Your somatic superpower:

Spacious Presence

Spacious Presence

When your superpower is spacious presence, you’re expansive and calm. You don’t get rattled. Exercises and classes are simple to you. There’s no need to talk a lot about what you are doing. You love one-on-one work, breathwork, and moving slowly. You find meaning in movement but don’t need to analyze it. Your movement insights are intuitive and non-verbal.

Best Practices

Choose movement practices that are slow, calm, and meditative. Movements that emphasize grounding are soothing and familiar. Find practices that allow you to discover your own insights.

Best Teachers

Find teachers who are calm and low-key. People who combine mind-body, and meditative practices are a good fit. Choose teachers to don't talk a lot or over-explain.

Learning Edge

Challenge yourself to do practices that are fast or strictly in the physical body. Watch that your expansiveness doesn't become spaciness or inactivity. 

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I help people with tweaky bodies feel strong and stable.  

After years of yoga, I know what it's like to have random pain and unstable joints. Using Pilates, meditation, and somatic awareness, you can get stronger as well.