Your somatic superpower:

Rich Equanimity

Rich Equanimity

When your superpower is rich equanimity, you’re composed and self-assured. You're usually satisfied with exactly how the classes go. You feel like there is always enough--enough time in the class, enough time to figure out the exercises, enough attention for all the students. You like beautiful studios and classes that are friendly, welcoming, and have a lively sense of humor. You’re confident trying new exercises and unattached if you can do them correctly. If your body gets tweaked, you assume it will turn out OK. You like to be touched and you enjoy movement without expectations.

Best Practices

Many movement practices appeal to you so choose ones with a friendly, supportive environment. Pick ones that make you feel invigorated and happy. Both physical and meditative practices meet your needs. 

Best Teachers

Find teachers who are welcoming and supportive. Pick people who take time to help individual students and create a friendly class environment.

Learning Edge

Challenge yourself to push your edges--whether you increase the pace or challenge of your workouts. Observe if you keep your composure when stressed.

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About Me

I help people with tweaky bodies feel strong and stable.  

After years of yoga, I know what it's like to have random pain and unstable joints. Using Pilates, meditation, and somatic awareness, you can get stronger as well.