Your somatic superpower:

Passionate Wisdom

Passionate Wisdom

When your superpower is passionate wisdom, you are fiery and kinesthetic. Every experience is interesting, whether good or bad. Breaking the rules is de rigueur. You don’t care about the instructions as much as what you feel when doing the exercise. You like flow because the movements move from one to the next. You love breathwork because it feels good and works so deeply. New, scary exercises are thrilling.

Best Practices

Choose movement practices that work deeply, create a lot of sensation, and vary from class to class.

Best Teachers

Find teachers who help you experience your body in new ways. Look for dancers, yogis, and others who specialize in somatic awareness, rather than precision and technique.

Learning Edge

Challenge yourself to do things even if you can't feel anything. Work in the mid-range, where there is less excitement and sensation.

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I help people with tweaky bodies feel strong and stable.  

After years of yoga, I know what it's like to have random pain and unstable joints. Using Pilates, meditation, and somatic awareness, you can get stronger as well.