Your somatic superpower:

Confident Accomplishment

Confident Accomplishment

When your superpower is confident accomplishment, you want to get things done. When you get to class, you want to get started right away. You want to know how many reps so you can feel accomplished when you do them. You like exercise routines because you know how much you’ve done by the end. You don’t need explanations and breathwork drives you nuts. You’re disciplined and you persevere. You like being active.

Best Practices

Choose movement practices that are structured and have routines. Track your reps, sets, or workouts. Find practices that make you feel accomplished at the end.

Best Teachers

Find teachers who can keep you moving while still respecting the limits of your body. People who challenge you to do more are a good fit.

Learning Edge

Challenge yourself to do routines that are slow or boring. Try doing a movement for the sheer experience of it, without tracking how you're doing it or how many.

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I help people with tweaky bodies feel strong and stable.  

After years of yoga, I know what it's like to have random pain and unstable joints. Using Pilates, meditation, and somatic awareness, you can get stronger as well.