Your somatic superpower:

Clear Insight

Clear Insight

When your superpower is clear insight, you like to understand what you are doing. You study anatomy and movement, and then add your own insights to your knowledge. When you have an injury, you want to know what caused it. Counting and rhythm are your friends. Your favorite schools of movement are classical because they focus on precision, alignment, and structure.

Best Practices

Choose movement practices that are ordered and structured.

Best Teachers

Find teachers who are trained in anatomy as well as movement. Choose people who can explain why you're doing the movement as well as how.

Learning Edge

Challenge yourself to do things that don't make sense to you. Try something without understanding it.

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About Me

I help people with tweaky bodies feel strong and stable.  

After years of yoga, I know what it's like to have random pain and unstable joints. Using Pilates, meditation, and somatic awareness, you can get stronger as well.