Enjoy your holidays with Pilates!

This beginning level Pilates class will flow through a classical mat routine. It's open to everyone and will include lots of adaptions for injuries, skill-level, and hypermobility.

Please have a Theraband and a blanket/pillow for your head.

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This class is no longer live. These are the links to the previously recorded videos.

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Class Recordings

Tuesday, Dec 28

Often, we practice mindfulness by sitting still on cushion or chair. Our holiday series explores how to stay mindful in the midst of movement. Today you start with small movements and practice staying aware as your body changes shape, speed, and orientation.

Thursday, Dec 30

Today you'll up the ante and practice staying present as you move with more challenging choreography. When your mind and body are busy, can you stay present and grounded?

Saturday, Jan 1

In the last of our holiday series, you'll take the same mindful movement practices and use them with big, full-bodied movements. If the physical challenge is great, can you stay present to enjoy the movement?