Classes and Workshops

Intro to Pilates for Bendy People

In this class, you’ll learn exercises that build strength and stability with a basic Pilates mat routine. We’ll focus on the particular challenges of hypermobile bodies so that movement can feel safe and fun.

This is an introductory course that is open to everyone.

Props: Please bring a Theraband


  • 6-class series on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 5:00pm starting Nov 30.
  • Access to video recordings through Feb 28, 2022

6 Classes: $90

Happy, Healthy Movement

Strong, stable movement for bendy, tweaky, achy bodies.

When your body is tweaky, it requires finesse to work out. You want to grow strong but not push so much that you end up in pain. In this series, we’ll use Pilates, yoga, and mindfulness to learn what your body needs to be strong, mobile, and graceful.


  • These are online classes by Zoom every Tuesday @ 11:00 starting Nov 30.
  • Each class is 55 minutes.
  • Recordings are available for at least 2 months.