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I’m Julia Rymut


I help your beautiful bendyachyaging body feel better.

I help your 

bendyachyaging body 

feel better.

Tweaky Bodies

Your body goes in; it goes out. Sometimes exercise feels great and sometimes it doesn't. When something is always about to tweak, how do you move with confidence?

Hypermobile Bodies

Your body is loose and bendy. You did weird party-tricks with your joints when you were young. How do you find strength and stability when your body moves like a wet noodle?

(Active) Aging Bodies

You’ve always liked hiking, biking, kayaking but now you have injuries and pain. How do you continue the activities you love when your body doesn’t behave the way it used to?

Helping your beautiful,  tweaky body feel better.

Feel stronger. Feel stable.

Feel connected.

Whether you’re bendy, aging, or just plain achy, you probably spend a lot of time and energy managing your body. Your body goes in and out. Pain comes and goes. You work out but then have a day on the couch.

With a body that’s so unpredictable, it’s hard to know what to do. Do you reduce your activity or do you push through your pain? 

I can help.

By building strength and stability, you can support your body to feel better.

By building awareness, you can learn to be comfortable in your unique body.

Find ease with your tweaky body to do the things you love, and love the body you have.

  • Stability and strength
  • Pain reduction
  • Stress reduction
  • Calm mind and groundedness
  • Confidence doing the activities you love
  • Awareness of what you need for healthy, balanced movement
  • Strategies for injury reduction or prevention
  • Fun

Who is this for?

I work with people of all ages, fitness levels, and movement backgrounds. What they have in common is a desire to feel better and an interest how their body moves.

I use techniques from Pilates, yoga, and meditation. I particularly find Pilates equipment helpful because it provides precise alignment feedback, closed kinetic chain exercises, and smooth, glide-y movement.

Many people get on the equipment and find it so enjoyable, they don’t want to get off.

Can I do this if I’m out of shape?

Yes. The Pilates equipment can provide support so you can do the exercises safely as you grow strong.

Can I start if I'm injured?

Yes, most of the time, you can. However, let’s talk. Sometimes rest is best right after an injury . Let’s check in to see what is best for you.

Will this help me if I'm really fit?

Yes. The Pilates equipment can provide challenges for even the strongest bodies.

If this is mindful movement, will I get a workout?

Yes. You will get a workout.

However, sometimes your experience depends on what you think a workout is.

If getting a workout means you feel active, fresh, grounded, and challenged, then you will definitely get a workout.

If getting a workout means you power through hot, sweaty challenges, then this is probably not for you. For the kind of workout you get from gym, I recommend you contact a personal trainer.

I have EDS. Will this work for me?

Yes. I work with many people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). There are many modifications we can do to keep your joints from sublexing as you grow stronger and more stable.

What about Covid-19?

I am committed to your health and safety. For more information about how I protect you during the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact me.

About Me

Yoga was my first love and I wanted to do everything right. I tied myself with belts and lay on hard, wood blocks, hung from the walls and twisted over chairs. I chased the dream of the perfect backbend.

This led exactly where you might expect— injuries and pain.

Learn how I got better and how this can help you.

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Life saver...

" Julia Rymut is a life saver.  At 71, I still have an active life that would not be possible without her knowledge, intuition and compassion. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her."

Patricia McConnell

Black Earth, WI


Customized workout...

" I like that she checks in with me before we start a workout and customizes the workout to adapt to any issues I may be having with my body."


Madison, WI


Strong and centered...

" I leave every session feeling stronger and more centered in my body. With Julia, I feel truly attended to in body and spirit."


Madison, WI


Communication skills improve your life, at work and at home. 

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